Ecn221 Business Statistics Final Examination

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ECN221 Business Statistics Final Examination

ECN221 Business Statistics Final Examination


1. Concerning the final exam:

The date and time are listed on the syllabus. If you fail to show up you will automatically fail the class.

The date and time are listed on the syllabus. If you fail to show up you will still have however many points you earned on homework, other tests and quizzes and will be graded based on those points.

The date and time are not on the syllabus.

The exam will be administered in the Hayden Library.

1 points


1. Concerning your grade in the class:

Grades will be assigned randomly. Dr. Cox will use a random number generator to assign points and then make up an entirely new grading scale.

Your grade depends on how badly you need a certain score. If you email Dr. Cox repeatedly asking for a higher grade you will be treated better than other students.

You can determine your grade by using the grade calculator that is on Bb and this calculator follows the policy outlined in the syllabus. All students are treated the same and grades are based on the number of points each student earned by demonstrating their knowledge by answering questions correctly.

It is impossible to figure out your grade because the syllabus is unclear and the grading policy is so mysterious.

1 points


1. For this assignment you will use data from the World Bank found in the homework data set on the homework 12 tab. The data on the tab are per capita GDP, per capita health expenditures and the % on young children immunized for DPT and the data are for a few different years and many countries. Because the World Bank does not have data for every variable for every country for every year there are some missing values in the data. We will deal with this as we go. You have opened the tab for the data.



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