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Miguel Leal

Mr. Lehavi


30 August 2015

The Renaissance which began in the 16th century in Italy called for many changes in society. One of which was a radical change in the behavior and beliefs of mankind. Men and women all around Italy began specializing in multiple aspects in society. Art was beginning to focus on an artist's ideas and beliefs, it began to evolve and reflect a person's nature instead of unnatural and unrealistic ideas. During the Renaissance, individuals through out Italy were classified as Renaissance men and women due to their capabilities in different areas of specialty from politics to science. An ideal Renaissance man would be one who was capable of succeeding in multiple areas during his lifetime. For example, Leonardo DaVinci, a well-known renaissance man was able to advance in many aspects of society. DaVinci was a successful painter, which is famous for his painting of Mona Lisa. DaVinci was one of the first persons to draw an embryo in utero, along with being a scientist, artist, and inventor.

Niccolo Machiavelli was also a well-known Renaissance man. He is credited with his writing, “The Prince” in which he describes that to become a ruler, a person must do anything to achieve as well as to do everything possible to maintain the leadership.

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola, Was an important figure during the Italian Renaissance. Pico wrote, “The Oration on the Dignity of Man”, which was called the “Manifesto of the Renaissance” and was an important text of Renaissance humanism. Now many of these people provided an opportunity to show their personal feelings through artwork. Giotto, who was the father of Renaissance painting, was known for creating his natural paintings. Also, sculptors such as Donatello were sculpting the world around them more naturally and literally. Then, Leonardo DaVinci was one of the greatest Renaissance painters of all time and DaVinci possessed a great skill for conveying inner moods to a...