Middle East , Iraq War & Iran Nuclear Program

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The war in Iraq damaged the reputation and reliability of USA particularly in middle east. Because the reason of invasion was mass destructive weapons and they have not been found yet. Other middle eastern countries feel uncomfortable because of the presence of USA in middle east. For example in Turkey , before the war in Iraq , people had good feeling about America, but now most of the Turkish people strongly disagree with US’s middle east policy and they do not want to be part of ıraq war. United Nations reveals that Iraq war has created nearly 1 million widowed women and I saw a news about this situation. It says that they are wearing only black, they do not trust anyone and the only aim of them to take revenge. Only half of them has social security and only half of them are in receipt of national assistance. I have a widowed woman’s speech in my mind which tells the worst outcome of being alone in such a dangerous place. “There is noone who will protect us. Everytime there is a possibility of harassment and rape.” It may be the reason of that widowed women voluntarily become living bomb. I found that, this year between january and april 12 women living bomb has exploded.

Turkish people who has an idea about American election, has good feelings about Barack Obama because they think that Obama will be good for Turks and world. We know that he has never supported the war in Iraq. He said the war would lead to an occupation of undetermined length, with undetermined costs and undetermined consequences. Bringing US troops home within 16 months is the plan of Obama and this will help to improve the relations between middle eastern countries and USA. He thinks that the best way to press Iraq’s leaders to take responsibility for their future is to make it clear that US is leaving.

If McCain become president , we may see US in Iran within upcoming years. However , Barack Obama does not support...