A Case: Pam Gale and Chuck Carlada

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1. Analyze what transpired during the conversation. Identify the kind of model used in each situation and explain briefly why it is so.

Pam Gale and Chuck Carlada argued because Carlada wants to hire back to his department Bill Wilson, who he though was among the best client coordinators. However, Pam Gale refused to do so. She thought that the reinstatement of Wilson will break the company's policy. In this situation, the Communication-in-Context Model occurred since there are certain features in the sender-receiver's surroundings that affect their communication which consists of the organization's structure and culture. This includes the organization's policies, rules, and procedures that the management has determined or that have evolved spontaneously within the society of the firm.

2. What is the organizational communication as it occurs in this case?

The organizational communication as presented in this case is Sytems-Interactive.

3. How do you think the conversation evolved into? Explain briefly.

The unemployment company, where Pam Gale is a personnel manager of one of its local office, has set a new procedure requiring eighty percent of all new local office employees hired during any six-month period to be minorities. This has bothered Pam since she could no longer hire a non-minority for the next four months since the people that her office hired for the first two months were minorities and adding another minority would cause them to exceed the eighty percent limit set by the company.

The conversation started when Chuck Carlada, the local office's client services director, approached Pam on reinstating Bill Wilson into his department. Pam declined with reference to the procedure on hiring set by the head office. It started to be an interaction between Pam and Chuck as both were exchanging messages to each other. As the conversation progresses it evolved into a