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1. Define the following terms contained in this case:a. Bilateralb. Hypoventilationc. Hemothoraxd. Arrhythmias.

2. What are the normal ranges for the measurements listed in the blood and urine tests?

3. Explain how Mr. Henderson’s rib fractures are related to the suspected hemothorax.

4. Mr. Henderson’s PCO2 is elevated. Under normal conditions, what would be the PRIMARY mechanism that his body would use to reduce the amount of pCO2 in the blood? Why is this mechanism not working in this case?

5. Describe how the high PCO2 and low pH in Mr. Henderson’s blood are related in this case.

6. Describe how the high bicarbonate in Mr. Henderson’s blood is related to the low pH in his urine.

7. What type of intervention might the doctors and nurses initiate in order to address the hemothorax? Explain how this intervention will lead to changes in PCO2 and blood pH

8. Which of the following would be an accurate comparison of Mr. Henderson’s blood and urine pH?

| A. | Mr. Henderson’s urine is 3 times more acidic than his blood. |

| B. | Mr. Henderson’s urine is 1000 times more acidic than his blood. |

| C. | Mr. Henderson’s urine is 3 times more alkaline than his blood. |

| D. | Mr. Henderson’s urine is 100 times more alkaline than his blood. |


9. Mr. Henderson’s blood pH is low. This is primarily due to:

| A. | A decreased number of hydrogen ions in his blood |

| B. | An increased number of hydrogen ions in his blood |

| C. | An increased number of sodium ions in his blood |

| D. | A decreased number of potassium ion in his blood |


10. Why is the amount of blood bicarbonate important to Mr. Henderson’s case?

| A. | Bicarbonate is an acid and can help raise blood pH. |

| B. | Bicarbonate is a base and can help lower blood pH |

| C. | Bicarbonate can bind directly with carbon dioxide and help raise blood pH |

| D. | Bicarbonate is a buffer and can help stabilize blood pH. |


11. Which...