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What is time?

When you say the word ‘time’, people often connect it to clock, watch or mobile phone, but what really is time? Plato argued that time is constant, life is an illusion. Galileo shrugged over the philosophy of time and figured out how to plot it to the graph so he can get it to the important physics. Albert Einstein said that time is another dimension a fourth one to go along with the up-down, side-side, forward-back we move through every day.

You often heard, “It’s time for lunch”, “It’s time to school’”, “It’s time to sleep” and so on. For me, people often symbolize time for events that will occur. Time “symbolized” certain events. Therefore, time is a symbolization.

Is time real?

Time plays an important part in the happenings within the universe. I do not think that time is real. It is not a real force, or an actual phenomenon. It’s just a reference to the passage of events. We use time to analyze when the events occur.

Time is also like a river that flowing continuously. It is moving from the past, present and to the future. Past symbolizes history, events that have occurred. It has slipped out of existence. Present symbolizes events that occur right now, right here. It is reality. Future symbolizes events that will occur later. It is shadowy and unclear. People can’t predict it. It never stops. It never turns back. It just keeps on moving. It is neither slow nor fast. People are the one who makes time seems so fast.

In this modern society, speeding is most essential. Everyone feels that time is not enough. Everyone feels squeezed for time. Everyone is chasing for time. Let us assume that something happen and the planet would circulate slower around its own axel. Let us said it would take 35 hours instead of 24. Would people have more time? No. People will still claim that they don’t have enough time. The main component is how people view and use the time.

Our day is speeded-up. Meetings, walking, studying, etc – We would...