Banking Management - What Are the Advantages of Packaging Illustrate in Banking Context.

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Banking Management


The birth of ABC Bank took place after the RBI issued guidelines for the entry of new private sector banks in January 1993. Subsequently, the promoter of ABC Bank sought permission to establish a commercial bank and retained KPMG, a management consultant of international repute, to prepare the groundwork for establishing a commercial bank. The Reserve Bank of India conveyed its approval in principle to establish ABC Bank on February 11, 1994. Thereafter, the Bank was incorporated under The Companies Act in September 1994. The bank started its operations in November 1995. The ABC Bank was promoted by the tenth largest development bank in the world, which had a magnificent record of promoting world-class institutions in India. The promoter was a strategic investor in a plethora of institutions, which had revolutionized the Indian financial markets.


1. Analyze the case, using SWOT.

2. Comment on the strategies used by the bank for penetrating the Nagpur market.

3. Suggest strategies for sustenance and growth of the bank in view of the changing scenario of the Nagpur region.

Section II

Answer Any Six:

1. Explain buyers credit and suppliers credit by giving examples of each type of credit. Also explain with a case study.

2. What is correspondent banking? Explain briefly the services offered by correspondent banking? Explain briefly the services offered by correspondent banks to the banks having account relationship with them? Give some examples?

3. Explain in brief, the role of Reserve bank of India in Indian Exchange control. Explain the role of EXIM bank in promotion exports, and describe briefly facilities given by EXIM bank? Give examples.

4. The organizational career is a responsibility of the organization and the...