Whole Foods

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Whole Foods

Case Study Analysis

Angie Poole-

Vision: “To become an international brand synonymous not just with natural and organic foods but also with being the best food retailer in every community in which whole foods stores were located.”

Their vision states the sentiments that they implement into their core values. Their values state that they are concerned not only with being a success in the retail chain of organic and natural products business but that they also want to be a part of improving people’s health, education, and the environment .

The core values do matter. On average consumers benefit not only physically but emotionally from knowing that they are making choices that enable them to maintain healthier lifestyles. Knowing that you are receiving the highest in quality products gives you peace of mind and confidence in the decision that you make to shop at Whole Foods, even though their prices may be a bit higher than a traditional grocery store. Having a sales staff and management team that give the customer service above and beyond what they are accustomed to is a very strategic maneuver. It makes the customer feel that they are worthwhile to the company and that they have value. Educating the customer on the benefits of organic food and giving them recipes and samples is a very creative method of retaining customer loyalty.

Mission: “Whole foods market is a dynamic leader in the quality foods business. We are a mission driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at whole foods.”

Objectives: Whole foods expects to reach their goals by offering the highest quality of organic and all natural foods while creating a workplace that treats employees with respect while inspiring them to succeed to their highest potentials. Whole foods places tremendous emphasis on empowering...