Macroeconomic Factors

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Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background of the study:

Through this report an individual can expect to have a good knowledge and understanding on the various concepts of Financial Institutional Services. It has been tried the level best to put more emphasis on the SME loan and its recovery process since it is the topic of the dissertation. This report is to be used only for the academic purpose. All the necessary and relevant data has been from various primary, secondary and territory sources. After three months long hard labor, it has become possible to make the report comprehensive and factual. The data is truly and strictly confidential and no one can use its components in full or partial.

1.2 Origin of the Report:

As a mandatory part of the MBA program, all the students of University OF Wales Institute Cardiff, UK have to undergo a three-month long Dissertation program with an objective to gain practical knowledge about business world. However, it has been gone through SME & its related wings like- SME Business, SME Banking Operations, SME Credit & so on. During this time my supervisors helped me a lot.

1.3 Topic of the Report

The dissertation is on ‘An Evaluation of SME Loan Repayment Behaviors-A Case Study on BRAC Bank Ltd'. The research has been conducted on BRAC Bank Ltd. Bangladesh. BRAC bank is the leading SME loan provider in Bangladesh. That is why this organization has been chosen. It was assigned by supervisor Dr. K. Vijay Shenai.

1.4 Objective of the Report:

✓ To analyze the repayment behavior of SME loan borrowers

✓ To know SME loan and its process of recovery

✓ To find out basic appraisal of SME loan

✓ To know the enterprise selection criteria to provide SME loan

✓ To know the terms and conditions of SME loans

✓ To know the disbursement and recovery procedures of SME loans

✓ To know how the SME loan borrowers would behave in repaying their loan.