France vs Us Healthcare

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The U.S. and French both get their insurance through employers. The U.S. government, unlike some other countries, does not treat employer funded health care benefits as a taxable benefit in kind to the employee. In France, every citizen is covered with some form of healthcare. The French has done a better job in the protection of healthcare values. Under the French healthcare system, they allow the patients more of a choice when choosing a provider and it gives the doctors more freedom to make medical decisions. The patients in U.S. are more restricted to the choices they have in choosing a doctor, under the insurance company guidelines and policies. The American system also put restrictions on the doctors’ ability to treat patients (Barton, 2007). These restrictions make it difficult for the American public to receive top quality healthcare. Many of us would like to have the liberty to pick and choose the doctor that we are comfortable with, however certain insurance regulations and policy say otherwise.

The French healthcare system will work with their sickest patients making them exempt from their co-payments and they will have no deductibles. They have 100 percent of their medical expenses, including prescription drugs, paid for under their system. The U.S. healthcare system does not pay 100 percent of their extremely ill. This is what puts the French above the rest. They take care of their own. The French system is said to be one of the most expensive in the world, but it is not more expensive than the United States. The French lives longer and healthier livers than do the American people. The French believe that healthy living starts at birth and they so they allow for working mothers, who has just given birth, to be paid while off work. They have access to neighborhood health clinics for the new mothers and their babies. They also receive home visits from nurses. The United States only allow mothers to be paid if it was part of an option they chose in the...