Navy Career

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[ Navy Career]


[ May 31, 2011 ]

Navy Career

Having a career in the military has had a great impact on my life and who I am today. I chose a career in the United States Navy. In the Navy I went the through a process of events to become where I am at today. The process includes: Introduction into the Delayed Entry Program, Military Entrance Processing Station, Boot camp, the first ship or command, becoming a Third Class Petty Officer, and Present day as a Supervisor. These processes have led me to accomplish many things in the U.S. Navy. I have ventured all over the world and have encountered different cultures.

The Delay Entry Program is a program setup by the recruiters (Navy, Army, Marine, Coast Guard, Airforce, etc) to make sure the recruits administrative paper work, physically fit and have an acceptable score for the ASVAB test. The administrative paper can consist of citizenship paper work, any issues that you may had a police record, high school diploma information, and any family paper work that could prevent you from entry in the military. Ensuring the recruit is physically fit. A trial of different physical test performed 2-3 days out the week. Physical training 2-3 days a week will help build up a persons’ endurance. The ASVAB Test that test a persons’ knowledge to comprehend and figure out different things. The military has an ongoing changing environment. Adapting to an environment will prevent you from making many mistakes in the military. With all these factors its makes average civilians prepared to be ready for MEPs.

The military installations that process a recruit to boot camp are called the Military Entrance Processing Station. MEPs are comprised of all of the military forces. Each military force has a process that is required before entering boot camp. The first process is medical screening session. The recruit goes thru hearing test, a sight test, and physical test that includes an x-ray portion. A...