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The government of the United States is constantly contracted and changed to evolve to the needs and circumstances of the economy, politics, and social structure. The beauty of the US is the ability for the country to adapt and be changed to the contradictions and advertisements to which are constantly given by politicians and citizens. The United States while having well thought out policies, also has had their policies that hurt the US and its citizens. These decisions that have either hurt or helped the US are under opinion and are based on the reactions that they have caused to the country as a whole.

The United States is in dept of over 13 trillion dollars this is a well known fact of the US and the dept is growing daily, but the US also is one of the most prosperous nations in the world. The American dollar bill has lost its economic value which is one of the flaws to the economy of the United States, this also causes our dept to be worse with the dollar becoming worth less and less. This dept has stream lined itself to the citizens of the United States, president Obama relief effort allows citizens that have less than 729k in dept to becoming financially stable again and lose part if not all of their dept to the government. This concept is based on the idea that Obama believes that putting money back into the government will allow for more spending of money and eventually lower the dept’s and bankruptcy within the government presently. While this will help the individual in dept, it will accumulate a large governmental dept (which the US is currently stuck in ).

In opinion to some, yes, this idea of a replenishing the economics by “feeding” in a way the economy until it overflows and eventually the money will distribute so that the rates of dept will lower themselves. This fund has already received 729k $ in dept relief funds, yet to show any exceptional results, only leading to increasing national dept. With dept accumulating the economy of the United...