Kimpton Hotel

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The Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group

Time Context

In Early 1998 La Tour said publicly that he expected the growth pattern of opening three new hotel properties a year to continue “in definetly”

June 3,1999 had a meeting with his two senior direct reports, David Martin, director of operations, and Jeff Senior vice president of hotel sales and marketing, Marx reflected o the several key strategic issues that he thought the senior management team would need to addreaa in the near future. These are some of the strategic choices (1) determining the feasibility of acquiring new properties in new markets on the East Coast and in the South, (2) Evaluating the near-term potential to gain additional revenue by developing and adding new services such as internet connectivity and related products; (3) The pros and cons of developing product branding to increase market identifications using perhaps the Hotel Monaco as the flagship brand.

June 1999, Steve Marx had accepted an offer from Jonathan Tisch, president of Loews Hotel to manage its hotel operations based in New York City and Steve Marx resigned.

In 1999 Kimpton Group had grown into a $250 million hotel company with 5,308 rooms and 5,325 employees.

In year 2005 ,Marx and La Tour had built the ninth largets hotel management company in the United States with groupwide revenues per available room approaching $125 per night and an occupancy rates estimated 85% placing it in the top hotel of all United States Hotel Management Companies.

Since Marx joined the group Kimpton group had grown from 14 hotels and restaurants in San Francisco to 23 botique hotels and 24upscale and popular restaurants in major cities such as San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and Salt Lake City. Two new properties, Serrano Hotel and Hotel Palomar was open.

Kimpton Group Mission

Getting and Keeping guests, Keeping and Developing employees.

I. Statement of the Objective

The main objective of Kimpton...