Conduct an Ohs Audit

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Conduct an OHS audit

Surf Life Saving Australia Policies and Procedures[i]

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Policy Statement on Occupational Health and Safety states,

“SLSA is an organisation dedicated to the safety and well-being of its members,

employees and the community. In meeting its statutory obligations with respect to workplace

health and safety, SLSA will set and maintain the highest standards

consistent with the importance of its role of saving lives”.[ii]

SLSA is an organisation responsible for saving lives as stated above. Therefore they should have

policies and procedures with the necessary reporting and control pathways to ensure that this is

performed to industry standards and is robust throughout auditing.

1. Risk Assessment and Reporting

2. OHS Policies inclusive of OHS Auditing Policies

3. Incident and Injury Reporting

4. Enforcement Notice and Action

5. OHS Officer, OHS Working Group and Training

6. OHS medium delivery options i.e. internet, intranet, and hard copy manuals.

As a broad outline the above noted 1-6 points reflect the key components of the

AS/NZS 4801:2001 continual improvement of OHS Management System Model.[iii]

These key components provide a benchmark for SLSA hazard identification, management,

rectification and review procedures. Firstly point one ensures hazards are identified to the level of

severity and likelihood of occurrence. It also allows for proper reporting to enable a paper trail for

the purpose of auditing. Point two enables the correct OHS policies are put in place and are

robust against internal and external auditing. Once an incident occurs point three allows for the

nature and perceived cause be reported whilst any injuries are documented to highlight possible

accident trends.

Point four is related to the organisational self-assessment and implementation of improvements

whilst correcting hazards with a time frame of completion.