Cash Receipts

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Cash Receipts

1. Write in the total deposit and the date the deposit was made on at the top of the sheet.

2. Go to the first check, if it is Inter-Company it could possibly be a G/L which you will code at the bottom of the sheet (Misc G/L&J/C Cash Receipts). How to tell if it is a G/L: look at the invoice #, it will be 4 numbers at the beginning. Ex 1500G/LADP12/31 or 1570-04-31. Exception 4910 is going to be a job number explained in step 7. A G/L could also simply be written on the check.

3. Write out your check number, amount of entire amount going under this section (Misc G/L&J/C Cash Receipts), report #, and the name of the payer.

4. On the second section of (Misc G/L&J/C Cash Receipts) enter the amount of each invoice, could be multiple amounts, then place the code of each invoice in the G/L Credit Acct column.

5. If your check is not a G/L it is most likely an A/R Cash receipt. Inquire (Timberline, IA, Inquire, A/R, Customer Inquire, Aging. Then search for the customer paying. The first two numbers of the customer # will be the company number of the company being paid. Be sure to check that the invoice is entered by clicking on the customer and scrolling down to the end. You will see the invoice # and amount of the invoice. Be sure it is unpaid.

6. Enter all of the information in (A/R Receipts) beginning with customer #, Company that sent the check, check #, total amount being paid in this section (A/R Receipts), each invoice # and then the amount paid by each invoice on separate rows.

7. If it is 4910 for example, (most likely HD, LLC), it will be in the (Misc G/L&J/C Cash Receipts). Enter the same information as stated in step 3 and 4 with the exception of the G/L Credit acct. Instead, it will be under Job: Company # - 4910 (Ex 13-4910). The cost code will be 1301-11##00 (## being company number of the company paying the check).

8. If you have still not see found the proper placement it could be a rent check, for example (Gaylor, River Ridge,...