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Chelsea Fedowitz


English 9 Honors:4x

17 Oct. 2010

Athena: A Chic that can Fight!

Athena is known to the Greeks as the goddess of wisdom and warfare, the “Goddess of the City,” and the “protector of civilized life”(Hamilton). In Roman Mythology she is referred to as Minerva (“Greek”). Her animal is an owl, her tree an olive tree(“Symbols”). The daughter of Zeus and Metis is also said to have possessed a shield adorned with Medusa’s head(Athena and Principal).

The birth of Athena is nothing short of astounding. The version of the myth told by Ailia Athena is that Metis was the first wife of Zeus and the love of his life. One day an oracle delivered a message to the couple that changed everything (Athena). The oracle brought the news that Metis was to give birth to a son who would ultimately overthrow Zeus(Athena). This usually joyous information shook Zeus to his core (Athena). When Metis did in fact become pregnant, Zeus was enraged (Athena). He devoured Metis and pondered no further into the matter(Athena). Several days later, however, Zeus developed a dreadful migraine that brought the mighty god to his knees (Athena). The pain was so excruciating that he summoned Hephaestus to split his head open(Athena). Out of Zeus’s cracked skull leapt Athena, a beautiful, full-grown woman (Athena). Athena was dressed in full armor and let out an ear piercing battle-cry(Athena).

Athena also had a gentle side (Hamilton). She is considered a hero for helping three innocent Greeks escape from a hostile country where their kind was immolated (Hamilton). In

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this myth published by Edith Hamilton, a young priestess was taken hostage by King Thoas and brought to Delphi (Hamilton). Years later her brother and his friend traveled to Delphi to prove himself innocent of a crime Athena had already said he did not commit (Hamilton). The three were reunited and attempted to escape on a Greek ship(Hamilton). Their plans were precluded, however,...