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Using a light microscope to be used as follows.

1. Place the camera on the ground to support the smooth barrel upright.

2. Turn the lens near the object (objective lens) is a low magnification is the barrel.

3. Mirror reflection from the cradle to the barrel full.

4. Palletized slide to study the object. The object in the middle of the light. (coarse adjustment knob).Then look to the side along with a cradle, gently rotate the image, rough (coarse adjustment knob) to move the barrel near the object to be the most studied. Be careful not to touch the lens near the object close to the glass slide. Turn the microscope on some rough adjustments toward the lens barrel moves up and down near the object. However, some camera models stand up to object to act toward the dark image.

5. Looking over Lake near the eye (eyepiece) into the barrel with a rotating knob up slowly until you see a rough image object to be studied is quite clear. (fine adjustment knob) Then switch to rotate the image, the resolution (fine adjustment knob) to adjust the contrast. Elephants may move the slider back and forth to give you what you studied in the middle of the barrel.

6. If you want to magnify. Rotate the lens near the object, which is growing up into the barrel. And not have to move slides. Rotate the image, then drill down to see more clearly.

7. The light in the barrel to more or less. Rotate the diaphragm exposure as needed.

Microscope used in a dark image were the same as in 1 and 2 or 3, with a growing variety to be growing low (x4) growing medium (x10) and is expanding. size (x40, x80) or high magnification is the x100 the magnification of the lens is generally common to x10, but some cameras, a x5 or x15 magnification of a microscope calculated by multiplying the magnification. The dark image with the magnification of the lens in the eye. Which is marked on the lens.

Be careful in using the microscope.

The microscope is equipped with a high price and the...