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FinSAS Version 2008010211 Company: Analyst: Most Recent Year Available: Years Available for: Income Statement (1-5) Balance Sheet (1-5)

Source of Input JB Hi Fi Sample 2009 4 4

========================================= INCOME STATEMENT ----------------------------------------Net Sales Income Statement & Note 4; '06 & '07; '08 & '09 Less: Cost of Goods Sold Income Statement & Note 6 for all years Gross Profit Other Operating Revenue Check with Income Statement if figures available Note 4 - none of the items are 'operating' revenue Income Statement; '06=113921+33181+12231; '07=142020+46815+15699; '08=193436+65080+18991; '09=230411+84551+21288

Less: Operating Expenses Operating Income Less: Interest Expense (no capitalized interest)

Income Statement & Note 5

Other Income (Expenses) Unusual or Infreq. Item; Gain (Loss) Equity in Earnings of Assoc.; Profit (Loss) Income before Taxes Less:Taxes Related to Operations N.I. before Min. Ern. Minority Share of Earnings (Loss) N.I. before Nonrecurring Items Oper. of Discontinued Segment; Income (Loss) Disposal of Discont. Segment; Gain (Loss) Extraordinary Item; Gain (Loss) Cum. Effect of Acct Change; Gain (Loss) Net Income (Loss) =========================================

Income Statement & Note 4; '06=1550-9603; '07=1933-13992; '08=1477-20404; '09=1653-25465. Note for Students: reference in note 6 to 'other expenses' is not related to this item but rather to disclosure requirements.

Income Statement & Note 14 for 2006 only

Income Statement

Income Statement

BALANCE SHEET ----------------------------------------ASSETS Current Assets: Cash Marketable Securities Gross Receivables Less: Allowance for Bad Debts Net Trade Receivables Inventories Prepaid Expenses Balance Sheet - Note 34 does not give any additional info about 'equivalents' in any year. Note 11 (This row refers to trade receivables only) Note 11 for all years Note 12 for all years Note 13 for all years Notes 11 & 13 for all years...