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In 200 to 300 words provide an opinion on who would be more likely to be persuaded by peer pressures such as drinking, drug use, skipping class, and other irresponsible behavior in a new city. Then, provide your reasoning on why you chose either John or Donnie as more likely to conform to his new social situation. Reference the factors that influence persuasion and conformity discussed in your text.

Both John and Donnie sound like well rounded individuals. John seems very focus on sports and his social life as well as his education. However, I feel that John would be more likely to be persuaded by peer pressures. Although John plays sports and does well in school, he is more socially inclined to fit into a scenario where bad choices are made. It sounds like he has no problem fitting into any type of crowd, whereas Donnie focuses more on his education and career as a musician. It seems to me like Donnie is also working hard to achieve his goals in the present as well as the future.

The reason why I chose John as a person who is more likely to conform to a new social situation is because he has little trouble fitting into any type of crowd. As stated in the scenario, “Once he is comfortable in his surroundings he can be confident in what he is doing.” To me, the scenario sounds as though if the situation were to arise where something was forced upon John, he would have no problem giving in.

One of the main reasons why I do not feel Donnie would get caught up in a situation that would cause him trouble is because he sounds like a very focused person. Instead of spending his time hanging out with friends, Donnie focuses on his education and music.