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This paper was written to introduce the reader to the style of referencing as set out in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.). While every effort has been made to make this book as complete and accurate as possible, there are elements that you will need to learn by researching or using the APA Manual. The book can be purchased at most book stores, most online book stores, or by visiting this web site

General Document Guidelines

Margins: The margins must be one inch on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) or (25mm for you metric people)

Font Size and Type: The font must be 12-pt. (Times New Roman or Courier)

Spacing: The document must be double-spaced throughout the whole paper.

Alignment: Left

Paragraphs: The paragraphs must be indented 5-7 spaces on the first line, about 7mm should do.

Paging: The page number must appears one inch (25mm) from the right edge of the paper in the header of every page, beginning with the title page.

Title Page

Paging: The Title Page is page 1.

Elements: Paper title, author, and Intuition.

Article Title: Headline Case, centered on the page.

Author: Headline Case, centered on the line following the title.

Institution: Headline Case, centered on the line following the author.

Running head: The running head is typed flush left (all uppercase) following the words "Running head:" on the line below the page header. It should not exceed 50 characters, including punctuation and spacing. The running head is a short title that appears at the top of pages of published articles.


The abstract is a one-paragraph, self-contained summary of the most important elements of the paper.

Paging: The abstract begins on a new page (page 2).

Heading: Abstract (centered on the first line below the manuscript page header)

Format: The abstract (in block format) begins on the line following the Abstract heading. The abstract should not exceed 120 words. All...