Christianity Summary

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Christianity Summary

One current issue I believe Christianity is facing is all the things that are beginning to come to the light. Christianity has had to endure the scandalous reputation of the Catholic Church’s sexual molestation to young boys. The secret that has been kept for many years has now flourished and people are skeptical about catholic priest. Lawsuits are rising and men that were boys at the time of the molesting are doing tell-all shows. I notice that anytime the Catholic Church is mentioned, the child molesting comments start flowing and I have no defense for that. It really is an embarrassment to the Christian faith.

Another issue Christianity is facing is the divorce rate in the church. Christians are suppose to live by the word of God and when two Christians are married, they should be able to settle their differences and divorce should not be in their vocabulary. They are not setting an example for secular people. The world cannot look at Christians and believe that marriage works if Christians claim to have God on their side but cannot go to Him for help with their spouses. Marriage is sacred and churches need to counsel couples on marriage to explain to them the significance of it.

Sacred Traditions

In most forms of Christianity, the central sacrament is the Holy Eucharist (also called Holy Communion). It is a mystery through which the invisible Christ is thought to grant communion with himself. Believers are given a bit of bread to eat, which is received as the body of Christ, and a sip of wine or grape juice, understood as his blood. The priest or minister may consecrate the bread and wine in ritual fashion and share them among the people. In Roman Catholic or

Orthodox masses, the cup of wine and the bread are thought to be mystically transformed by the Holy Spirit into the blood and body of Christ. They are treated with profound reverence. In sharing the communion “meal” together, the people are united with each other...