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Running Head: Intervention Studies on Forgiveness : A Meta-Analysis

Intervention Studies on Forgiveness: A Meta Analysis

Coun 506

August 28, 2011


In the article by Thomas W. Baskin & Robert D. Enright, they discuss several different studies that was done on the efficacy of forgiveness. Baskin & Robert's purpose of this article was to take the studies and analyze the results of each . According to both Baskin & Robert if forgiveness was a part of counseling it would be defined as a person letting go grudges against the enemy ( Baskin&Enright, 2004). “ Forgiveness is an act freely chosen by the forgiver” ( Baskin & Enright, 2004).

Baskin & Enright first analyze case studies they said to be done in the early 1970's, which recommended that people who have suffered some type of emotional pain, might find closure with forgiveness. They then go on to discuss three inventions models, which consisted of a study involving several different units in each model which was also developed by different people. In all three models the participants were ask to think about the person who have hurt them the most and to do the work of forgiveness toward that certain person.

They then go on to discuss a literature review on nine empirical studies which measured forgiveness. Each study was then categorized into three groups; those that were decision based, process based that had a group format and process based that had an individual format. The method consisted of establishing studies which were the nine empirical studies, which were founded to be all fit according to Baskin & Enright. To be sure the studies were accurate a test for homogeneity was done. In order to do a test there had to be a variable in the studies conducted the dependent variable was forgiveness. The article continued discussing the methods and results which one came to concluded that “ forgiveness can be affected by counseling” ( Baskin & Enright, 2004).


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