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Scenario I

If the Vice President of Operations charged me and my team to develop a strategy for entering a new beverage into the global market, I would get my team right on the project as individuals using email as my source of a communication channel. This communication channel allows for quick delivery no matter where my teammates are located at that very moment and also allows me to add a receipt of acknowledgment so that I know my message was received in a timely manner. Once my team has begun on the project as individuals, we will come together in a formal meeting to covey each others thoughts and ideas and finally come to a mutual agreement. In order to convey a response to my V.P of Operations in a timely manner, I would in turn also email him or her the finished document and at his or her convenience schedule a meeting to continue the email face to face. In a true manner I think that this way is best to meet deadlines in a timely manner and also to keep everyone on board regardless of where they are at the moment.

Scenario II

I would contact the IT department immediately through telephone conversation which way the problem is quickly addressed and resolved because of the importance of the company application. The best way to notify all company employees about a login and password change for a specific computer application is through work email. This allows for proper distribution to all employees whether they are at work or on vacation or even just out of the office for the moment.

Scenario III

Properly to inform my employees of the reduction of workforce, I would have a mandatory meeting so that I could have a face to face conversation to have the opportunity to explain the company’s situation to everyone. I think that in this type of situation it is best that the persons involved are speaking directly. As far as the individuals who will be let go, I would send them a brief email requesting them for a private meeting in my office one by one,...