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Kudler Fine Foods was founded by Kathy Kudler. She opened her first store in the California area in 1998. Since then, there have been two other stores that have opened in the California area. Kudler is a food store that has the finest foods and wine. Kudler has a wide range of items that they sell from fresh bakery items such as; fresh bread to the finest meats and seafood. Kudler carries more than 250 different cheeses from 21 different countries for the customer. Kudler has more than 350 fresh produce and spices for the customer. Kudler also carries both import and domestic wines and spirits (Kudler Find Foods, 2010). With Kudler possessing a diverse amount of items, team D will discuss ways of improving the environment of Kudler Fine Foods. Team D will also provide strategies that will create an alliance between Kudler Fine Foods and their stakeholders. It’s also important to explain how the differences between leadership and management can affect networking. Last, an environmental proposal will be introduced that supports team functioning and learning, and foster sustainable innovation and creativity.

Alliance between internal and external stakeholders

Employees are the most important internal stakeholders in any company or organization. The executives at Kudler Fine Foods take pride in creating an alliance with its employees by immediately establishing the company’s goals and objectives. In addition, alliance is defined as the roles of each employee will be to enhance the operation of this business. The strategy of setting goals and expectations decreases the risk of collapse, and increases the chances of positive working relationships and results. An organizational psychologist or human resources representative would be perfect for this job. In addition, the goals should be communicated at the beginning of employment. By creating this relationship upfront, the employee and employer are fully aware of expectations for each party. The alliance...