Organization of Firm

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Organization of Firm


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Key Job Descriptions


-Sets company goals and objectives

-In charge of making sure office runs smoothly

-Communicates with clients’

Web Designer:

-In charge of interface

-Designs what people see in emails

-Create email format

Senior Web Developer:

-In charge of coding and creating the software

-Designs how the server works

-Makes sure emails are sent to correct emailing lists

IT Specialist:

-In charge of tying server to company inventory (TJX or other)

-Making sure inventory information reaches server


-In charge of UrMail budget

-Keeps record of financials and expenses

Junior Web Developer:

-Assist Senior Web Developer

-Double check all work done by S.W.D.


-Assistant to Manager

-Set up meetings and times

-Answer and direct all calls to company office

Customer Support:

-In charge of connecting management team to customers

-Making sure customers receive emails they want

Administrative Positions

Administrative positions will be filled by the founders of UrMail. All five of the founders will be Co C.E.Os of the company, and will receive salary by dividing up company profits taken after all expenses have been accounted for.

Staffing Plan

Positions will be filled according to order of importance. All technological positions will be filled first, Web Developer (junior and senior), Web Designer, and IT specialist. Each technician needs to have an extensive knowledge of software coding, interface and web design, and server maintenance respectively. Once hired, we will turn our attention to hiring a customer service representative. We will be looking for a customer service rep. with previous experience in the email marketing industry. Next we will look for employees to fill the remaining job openings. We will only interview managers who have experience managing companies in...