Hhs 231 Final Exam Review Sheet

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Exam Info: In Class on Tuesday, May 3rd.

40-45 Multiple Choice, Matching, & True/False questions

Please bring your Student ID and a #2 Pencil; Scantron will be provided

|Week 1, Class 1: Course Overview |

|What are the 3 components of the definition of wellness? |

|What are the 6 dimensions of wellness, and what types of behaviors contribute to each? |

|What are the 4 factors that contribute to wellness? |

| |

|Week 1, Class 2: Stress Management & Campus Resources |

|What is do the terms stressor, stress response, and stress refer to? What is the difference between eustress and distress? |

|What are some common types of stressors? |

|What are some positive stress management techniques? If you are experiencing stress, what are some ways you can manage it in the moment (e.g.|

|cognitive and physical techniques)? |

|What are the 3 ways that we can nurture and develop a positive relationship with ourselves? |

|What resources are available to you from Student Health Services? Dixon Recreation Center? [No need to know the details, just know what is |

|available and what isn’t]...