Mgt 488 Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports

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Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports


Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports

The professional sports team chosen for this assignment is the Texas Rangers. Major League Baseball continues to be successful with improved revenue and return increase the sustainability of competitive advantage, as this team sparks major attraction among baseball fans in Texas.

In this paper the subject to describe is components of the sustainable competitive advantage that contribute to the success of the Texas Rangers. Furthermore, it confers how components of the competitive advantage influence success for this MLB team.

The competitive advantage in the sporting segment signifies the team has extraordinary advantages and talents needed to entice fans of the baseball segment. The talents that any team holds, has to be untouchable to that of its opponents. Sustainable competitive advantage is:

* Valuable

* Rare

* Imitable

* Non-Substitutable

The resource base model of average returns is the assumption that various

Major League Baseball franchises obtain a gathering of unique and different resources and capabilities. These unique and different resources and capabilities are basis of the competitive strategy of the league. Tangible and intangible may be core competencies. According to Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson (2009) “Core competencies are often visible in the form of organizational functions” (Chapter...