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An Inconvenient Truth

1. When was the first picture of the Earth (called “Earthrise”) taken?

The first picture taken was on Christmas Eve 1968 during Apollo 8 mission.

2. Why is the picture of Earth taken on Dec. 11, 1972 the most commonly published photograph in history?

This picture is the most popular because is the only picture of Earth from space where the sun was behind the space craft so that the Earth is fully lit up.

3. Roger Revelle and Charles David Keeling were the first to propose measuring what in the Earth’s atmosphere?

Yes and it all started in 1957.

4. Why did they choose the middle of the Pacific Ocean for these measurements?

They had chosen this area because it was the most remoted area.

5. What year did Al Gore go to Kyoto, Japan?

He went to Kyoto, Japan in 1997.

6. What percent of people in the world get their drinking water from glacier meltwater?

40% of people in the world get their drinking water from glacier meltwater especially in the Himalayas.

7. Name one of the warm cycles that have occurred in the last 1000 years.

One of the warm cycles is the disappearance of glaciers in different parts of the world such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Glacier National Park, Columbia Glacier, throughout the Alps.

8. How far back does the CO2 record go in Antarctica?

It can go back 650,000 years.

9. What is the most powerful relationship between CO2 and temperature?

There is a strong relationship when there is more carbon dioxide and the temperatures get warmer due to the fact that it traps more heat from the sun inside.

10. What happened on April 3, 1989 that shook Al Gore’s world?

On that date Al Gore’s son had a car accident.

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