Mangaldan Public Market Reconstruction

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A year and a half ago had already passed after an unforeseen commotion happened in Mangaldan where its Public Market had fallen into ashes, leaving the entire market stallholders with no business to return in a sudden flip.

December 8, 2009 was the exact date where the downturn occurred leaving the market business enterprises into a catastrophic scenario. Of course this agonizing incident afflicted our market vendors and businessmen’s source of income and the economy of the municipality as a whole.

However, we shall maintain and sustain life giving or earning resources while looking for new and developing other resources. And the major answer to address this is the immediate reconstruction of public market. It is a sustaining, maintaining and at the same time, developing other measures/resources rolled into one.

Here are the main purposes for public market reconstruction:

• To mitigate circumstances and fire hazards of our public market today. If fire occurs, the whole structure will be engulfed in a split of a second. Presently, our public market is very muddled and made up of light materials. Fire assistance and backing will be ninety percent useless because of the current set-up. The vendors and merchants will again suffer. Firemen will not be able to enter the market structure and penetrate in preventing the fire.

I. Safeguards. Well-designed building not squatter design will be constructed with wider pathways. There will be a seven meter buffer road in the middle. Fire fighting vehicles can immediately respond compared to the last occurrence of fire in the year 2009;

II. The vendors and consumers will be protected and placated with a height of at least ½ meter filling making the goods of the vendors protected from flood. Canals will be amply provided.

III. Traffic in the south side will be loosened and comfortable. As the road will be widened, the vendors facing the street will not be covered by tricycles;

IV. We will implement...