Advertising in the 21st Century

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The deciding factor of media products and their target audience is money. Media could not exist without money; the point of media is to gain profits from the audience.

One may decide to read the newspaper on a daily basis while on the train to work and what they read may have a positive or negative impact on their day. The media is used to send messages to people, through television, newspapers, radio and the internet, just to name a few of the main ones. There is a direct connection between advertising and an audience, because advertisement is a major form of income for media.

Violence, sex and offensive language has all increased over the years in television and movies. They have all become customary in today’s media; these themes have been proven in studies to become substantially worse causing some concern. With the increase of sex, violence and bad language society needs to make sure that suitable educational programs are available for children providing a safe environment in television programs and movies. Parents play an important role and enforcing the importance of what children watch. Should Americans change how television and movies are viewed?

Advertisers are willing to spend money when there are people to advertise to. The larger the audience the more advertisers might spend on advertising. This is because advertisers will want to have their advertisements where people will see them and possibly make a purchase. However if the audience is not interested in what is being advertised, then advertisers will also lose interest because it is pointless to spend money on advertising when no one is buying. To keep this from happening media products are investigated to make sure advertisers desired audience is being attracted. If products are not being investigated media products could possibly suffer because the target audience was not reached.

Television and movies can cause us to form stereotype of people around us as well as people of other cultural...