Why Always Stereotyping Me?

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Why stereotype me?

Why do we all have to look the same? Does appearance really matter? I personally don’t think I have to look like the model on the front page of any fashion magazine. All these facts sums up to the one word “stereotype”. A stereotype is when a person wants to almost have the same physical appearance as another. Yes, I agree my body size is wider than most girls my age but why do stereotypes really matter? Stereotypes aren’t just body size but are involved with many other conflicts. If I wear Goth clothing, it means I’m gay and if I wear glasses instead it means I’m a nerd or a computer game geek. Why does clothing have to lead to judgments of ones behavior?

In my opinion, ones looks should not be the basis for judging ones behavior. From my experience, I’m being judged as a rude teen since I’m a wide girl. People assume that I’ll fight or beat anyone who crosses my path. However, I’m honestly the opposite of what some people say. I solve problems in the nicest way possible and I give respect to others around me. The people who knows me and my personality, tell me that I’m very sweet and jolly, but from the ones that judge only my appearance tell me how I’m just a tough girl. I don’t take this stereotype too seriously but I’ve always been stereotyped for just being a girl! Elders say girls and women should never be found in a professional setting other than their kitchen. I’m bringing stereotyped based on both my looks and gender.

On a casual day in August, my friends and I went to the movies to watch “The ugly truth” and saw a bunch of old men sitting down right beside us. They starred at us and gave us a dirty look. While we got up and walked past them, they asked us why we came to the movies instead of cleaning or homes or feeding babies. We were confused and saw another group of guys our age and later looked back at the elder men. They answered us back saying. “Ladies, those are young men you’re looking at, they can do...