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In this term I encountered a number of learning difficulties most from IT and business, but actually I think business mainly is the theory of knowledge, because my first language is not English level so make me not easy to understand the subject, so I spend a lot of free time reading this subject, I am interesting to marketing and human resource. Firstly, I think marketing can help me analysis in business need to know after detailed data, such as 4P (product, price, place, promotion), product positioning, brand etc...I have use this knowledge in my business plan. Also human resource let me know HR planning, training is more important in a company.

I suppose most of my school time I focus my main attention on my study. At first, I thought the textbook, e.g. A New English Course, outdated and boring, but later I really found there were too many things I hadn’t master well. So why don’t I try to be more patient? Just like New Concept English III is no more interesting than our textbook, but every time I recite these classical passages and over this term I have improve all of this.

Of course, in the learning process themselves are insufficient and need to perfect place: because I learn is before the financial management, and engaged in the industry for many years, and writing has been weaknesses and the British education method, china compiling the teaching material of way and the amount of homework is bigger, especially the first assignments don't start feeling, as two homework is to adapt, Suggestions in the process of I think I should strengthen the homework comment on; And in the appropriate time simulation test, let the student to the test pattern, the types and methods is of certain sensibility in advance understanding, not to do when the last exam. However this term most in the end, I need do more revision in this two week then easy to face the final exam.

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