Improving Operational Efficiency and Profitability of Production Unit

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A Research paper on

“Improving the Operational Efficiency And Profitability of Production Unit”

A Case Study of Universal Construction Machinery and Equipment Ltd.

Mr. Nilesh P. Mahure

Student of 2nd year MBA (OPERATIONS)

Under Guidence of

Asst.Prof. Milind A. Kulkarni

at Smt. Kashibai Navale college of Engg.

(Dept.Of Management Studies),Vadgaon bk,Pune-41

Abstract: Universal was facing the problem regarding underutilization of production capacity, Quality issue, Waste Management, Work in progress inventory which together account to reduction in Operational efficiency and profitability of production unit. To overcome these problems 5S implemented at shop floor. Through 5S audit, it enables organisation to identify the potential level of quality improvement and at the same time can analyze their ability and weakness of production unit in the company. Therefore, in order to assess the implementation of 5S practice, manufacturing company were involved in this study. The study started with understanding background of the company, recognizing units to be assessed in the company and come out with the complete 5S checklist for each division for auditing process. Based on the result, company basically perform an excellent 5S practice and improve the Operational Efficiency and Profitability of Production Unit .Training is the key for 5S implementation. The resistance to change is one issue which organization should pay attention when implementing the 5S practices. However, effort and participation from top management is a key factor that determines the success of the 5S practice.

1. Background of the company:

The Universal Group, an ISO-9001:2000 Company is among India’s leading engineering conglomerates. A major player in construction and material handling equipment industry, Universal has emerged as a one- stop-shop for providing end-to-end solutions for the construction industry.

* India’ Largest Sales And Service Network.

* Largest Product...