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Chore History = The missing $$$ mystery

Tuesday – Austin’s chores were not completed until 7:30 and sheet said 7:00.

Ashley was not completed with all chores until this time either

Wednesday – Austin’s room was never picked up and the floors were not mopped until after dinner. Plus, all tables and the entertainment center was to be cleaned. The entertainment system was NOT cleaned.

Ashley has had an excess of dishes piled in the sink throughout the week and the dish washer has not been run properly. Clean up after dinner was lacking due to chairs left out and not being pushed back in and the counter tops were not wiped down and food from the dog’s from the previous day not cleaned up and left on the counter along with a pork chop left on the counter by the sink.

Thursday – Ashley -Model kitchen has model crap and needed to be redone, dishes were still piled and never caught up. Plus, picking up your room actually means that someone can come in there and find things not be scared. It is sad when I can not even put clean clothes in there because you have no idea what is clean or dirty.

Austin – Okay, the dining room was not done correctly, Plus, when I said pick up your room that is what is meant not pick it up after mom says something.

Chores in full were completed after 7:30

Friday – Both of you never cleaned your bedrooms as promised that would be done and it is 4:30 on Saturday and they STILL are not cleaned.

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