Golf Ball Supremacy

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Golf Ball Supremacy

The name derived from the word titlist, meaning title winner, Titleist is a powerhouse golf equipment and apparel manufacturer that is very well known worldwide. They produce golf clubs, such as drivers, irons, wedges, and putters, different apparel lines, and most importantly the golf ball. Titleist prides itself on being the superior product when consumers are making their purchasing decision, even if this means the price will be higher. In order to add value to consumers not willing to pay these price premiums, Titleist attracts the recreational golfer by offering different product lines that are much cheaper, but still are said to have a competitive advantage. With product quotes of “#1 ball in golf” and “It’s not how you mark your ball, it’s how you mark your Titleist”, Titleist is committed to satisfy golfers with golf balls of superior performance and consistent quality, which is why they are known globally with such significant brand awareness and recognition (“Titleist” 1). In order to visualize how Titleist positioned itself away from others in the market, I conducted a SWOT analysis to further understand their marketing tactics.

Strengths and weaknesses, which are attributes that are internal to the organization, is the first part of the analysis. I could not help but notice the significant strengths Titleist imposes with its premium golf ball, the Prov1 and Prov1x. They assembled the nearly perfect ball that will smash off the face of a driver and have carrying distance, but also spin off wedges and irons for a soft “drop-and-stop” affect when approaching greens (“Golf Digest” 1). With such product uniqueness, it did not take long to be the number 1 golf ball seller in the world, and most played ball on the PGA tour (Hall 1). Titleist also has tremendous brand loyalty. Most consumers who purchase the Prov1 ball have enough discretionary income and tend to me more inelastic, which allows Titleist to charge such a price premium...