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Summary Paper: Legal-Ethical issue relating to Discrimination in Health Care Profession

Rahul Parikh

BUS670: Legal Environment (MAE1139A)

Professor Troy Tureau

October 30, 2011

Legal/Ethical issue relating to Discrimination in Health Care Profession:

Legal/Ethical issue relating to Discrimination at work environment:

Even with current economy, Health Care Industry has not faced recession, compared to other industries, mainly due to alliance with insurance companies, so work in health care field has maintained its goals, and targets. Pathology assistant (PA) were, are, and will be, always in a demanding positions in this field. Recently two vacancies were announced at my workplace for the post of PA. The Job requirements mentioned minimum requirements of: 1) High school graduation; 2) Knowledge of medical terminology; and 3) Preferred work experience of one year in the required field.

One of the Asian Doctor, who was having masters in Surgery, applied for the post, but his application was rejected without giving him any chance for interview, and instead, other candidate was selected for one of the vacancy; and for the other vacancy, employer is still continuing its attempt to fill the vacancy. Doctor was well qualified for the required post, as he was fulfilling all the criterions required for the vacant post, and the candidate who was selected, was only high school graduate, with some knowledge in medical terminology, and had one year experience of working in the laboratory, but no work experience related to PA’s position. But still, that candidate was selected, was given training for the required PA’s work, and was hired, as a permanent employee.

Similar decision was taken in the past, by the employer on hiring me, when I applied for the same post before four years. I was a qualified surgeon, with no work experience as a PA, but my hiring manager was smart enough to decide that a medical graduate can work more efficiently as PA, rather than any high...