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The Impact of Day Care

What is day care? Give examples and explain why children might need to have day care. Why is going to day care becoming more common?

What do you think about day care?

Do you think mothers should stay at home to look after babies under the age of two? Justify your choice

Yes No Matter of personal choice don’t know

Does it have to be the mother? Can children be looked after as well by their father or another relative? Why?

Mother Father Mother or Father Grandparents are just as good

Do you think that children whose parents bother work are harmed by the separation from their attachment figure?

Yes, No I do not know

What kind of childcare did you experience?

Childminding Day nursery other care outside the home

Cared for by family (parent or other) other

How is day care different from institutional care?

What different types of day care are there?

According to the evidence that we have seen so far (regarding the development of attachments, the function of attachments and the effects of separation and privation), what effect do you think childcare may have on the infant?

The Arguments For and Against Day Care

The key arguments in the debate about day care – Find evidence to support these arguments and explain them. Then sort the statements into the two following categories


How would the following affect whether day care has a positive or negative impact?:

• Individual Differences

• Number of Hours

• Methodology of Studies

|Research on the impact of Day Care |

|Research |Summary |Criticisms |Conclusion and evaluation |

| | |Strengths |Weaknesses...

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