A 4-Mat Review System: Psychology Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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Psychology, Theology and spirituality in Christian counseling written by Mark R. McMinn gives pastors and therapist examples of how counselors can integrate Psychology and theology with a person spirituality to help them heal using scriptures and Prayer to heal. Today’s Counselors are learning to integrate prayer and scripture in his or her therapy. However, the correct use is very important for clients and counselors well being. By integrating the three principles the client’s diagnosis is looked at when determining what kind of prayer or scriptures is used to help the client.

McMinn (1996) focuses on the three principles and shows how the differences and similarity in these principles. By using everyday problems McMinn (1996) gives good examples of how these principles work together. When confronting sin McMinn (1996) identifies that confronting sin can be dangerous and that counselors have to be impartial remembering the goal of counselors is to help his or her clients to become psychologically healthy and bring the client closer to God. Confession and working for forgiveness and receiving redemption. Christian counseling deals not only with mental and behavior part of patient they integrate spirituality of a client to help the client understand and connect closer with God and healing.

McMinn (1996) explains to individuals who pursue a career in counseling, integrating psychology, theology and spirituality in his or her counseling sessions with correct process this can help many clients. However, cautions improper training and misuse of these procedures can cause harm to the client and counselor. Scripture is used to help clients know God as McMinn stated that “Scripture is our primary way of knowing God. It is God’s authoritative revelation to humankind” (McMinn, 1996, p. 103). God’s words are truth and even though some look within themselves to try to find the truth. Truth is within scripture that we read from God word McMinn (1996) example of...