Starbucks Case

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Starbuck Case

To turn the European way of life into American by means of a simple rate of coffee thanks to guessed right strategies of marketing. Joseph Michellli exists a so called book " The Starbucks Experience " by; this book presents the best sales of the company in the different countries.

This book explains as Starbucks a great sense of reception makes towards his employees by means of a code of good conduct that could force the employees to practice the empathy and spontaneity with the clients; Starbucks does not forget that his employees are human beings who deserve considerations and which it is necessary to treat with respect, likewise it invites every employee to respect four important rules: to prove to be cozy, I authenticate, commit an outrage and to listen to the client.

Another important point is nothing leaves at random every detail counts, this point makes clear that it is necessary to be dependent on every detail in these simple words takes root in the secret of sales. Starbucks's success takes root partly to the attention that the management shows him to the product mix. The leaders understand that the decoration of the interior environment of the establishment is a decisive point for the event of the business. Always it must be capable of supplying the clients with the essential thing, and the competition to differ helps to obtain the loyalty of the clientele and to turn into a brand. All the employees form he gives birth fundamentally of Starbucks. Starbucks dealt to it was rising in spite of the critiques. In Starbucks's house, they encourage the employees to promise in the life of the city. With the participation in social activities the workers of Starbucks develop professional competitions and a sense of equipment.


Starbucks is a company that has taken the culture of the coffee to where he has established himself. It has several branches about the world and each one represents a success in sales, but this...