Market Research on Sun Cellular Prepaid Load

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A Market Research Paper on Sun Cellular Prepaid Load

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Mr. Bienvenido Lorenzo C. Encarnacion

April 5, 2010

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Sherwin Alex Del Rosario

Karl Henrick Dy

Bianca Rodriguez

Christopher Henry Yap

Jan Christian Yap



I. Introduction and Marketing Background.

A. The Dynamics of the market that client brand plays in

        1. Market Trends

In recent years, the Philippines has gained the title of the “text capital” of the world. From a luxury only the upper classes could afford, mobile phone usage has morphed into a necessity. Filipinos of all walks of life now own cell phones, and even a walk through the most decrepit areas of the country will show you people using their phones, mostly to text or to call.

While other uses for mobile phones like internet, banking and the like exist, texting and calling have become deeply ingrained into the everyday life of the Filipinos. Especially since the emergence of unlimited call and text promotions, which has made cellphone use a lot cheaper. People may opt to avail of prepaid or postpaid subscriptions, which are provided by telecom networks.

The Philippines’ affinity for mobile communications has allowed telecom networks to thrive. The local market for mobile telecom is dominated by a small number of networks, each with large advertising budgets and strong brand identities. The top three are Globe Telecom, Smart Communications and the newer, but equally competitive, Sun Cellular. Two other rising players in the telecommunications market are Touch Mobile, a sub-brand under Globe, and Red Mobile, a sub brand of Smart. There is cutthroat competition between telecom networks. This is especially because hard times, due to the financial crisis, have created a need to shift prices downward and create value-laden promotions that make phone use more affordable.


                a. Social