Jet Blue Key Successful

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1. What are the key successful factors ?

The Key Successful factors in any airline company.

1. Attract Customer

2. Manage its fleet

3. Manage its human capital

4. Manage its finance

Jet Blue key successful factors are

1. Low cost and High quality

a. Low Cost Structure

b. Ticketless reservation system

c. Operating expanse per available seat mile highest

2. Single Aircraft Model

a. Increases the efficiency of operations

b. Lower cost through simplified maintenance

c. Lower training Cost

3. Efficient Utilization

a. High Yield per passenger mile

4. Low Fares

5. Steering Clear of Heaviest Traffic

a. Under-served market

b. Under-used airport of major market

6. Management Team Strength

a. Experiences of top management

7. Innovation

a. Offers a meaningfully different experience

2. What are the HR Practices that make their works?

a. Rather than molding employees to an existing corporate structure, the airline is introducing new twists to traditional jobs as a way of catering to the personal needs of employees.

b. It's a non-union company and wants to keep it that way to hold costs down and to survive as a low-cost carrier, an order to keep workers, customers, and, ultimately, JetBlue's staff of 350 reservationists work from the comfort of their homes.

c. it also allows people to have a job and be able to pick their kids up from school.

d. JetBlue has created different job levels for its flight attendants by asking what hours they want. which allow employees to choose the level of commitment that best fits their needs.

e. The friends interview together and if they get the job, the airline gives them a schedule and leaves it up to them to decide who works which shift. It doesn't matter which one of them shows up, just as long as one of them does.

f. The JetBlue Friends Crew...