Perfect Transport Network (Ptn)

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Zubair Khalid


Perfect transport Network is one of the largest and trusted organizations serving the manufacturing and service industries.


PTN is a division of Perfect Motors (Pvt.) ltd, which started as a vehicle rental company 22 years ago, catering to the need of organizations requiting mobility but unable or unwilling to block their capital for this purpose. Since PTN works under the shadow of Perfect Motors, its just like everyone knows abput head and shoulders but no one knows about P&G. PTN strongly belives in the innovation of products and services in the transport sector to achieve its goals and aims. Since then they have diversified into a full fledged cargo transportation company and have invested in modeling equipment and service standards to meet the demanding requirements of their clients.


Head office is in Karachi. It is a company owned, 1500 sq. yards (off Sharah-e-Faisal). They also have a large scale full fledged state of the art workshop in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi and over a 9700 yards workshop at Super Highway for heavy vehicles. The Regional office is located in Gulberg Industrial Area, Lahore. This is an office-cum workshop and caters to the needs of the Northern Region operation. Both the offices are computer linked and coordinate, monitor and enhance operational efficiency and service. With continuous emphasis on ‘quality service standards’ their fleet has expanded and today consists of rich number of vehicles with more than 750 dedicated people engaged on the network.

Vision Statement:

To operate our fleet in a manner that is Secure, Reliable Efficient, customer oriented and cost effective.

Mission Statement:

To operate our fleet on global safety standards with total customer satisfaction.


PTN is a real success story of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The company which has...