Apple Financial Analysis

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Performance Evaluation of Apple Inc.

Oxford Brooks University RAP

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Shehzad Afzal

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1. Company Profile

2. Products

3. Aims and Objectives

4. Research Questions

2 Information Gathering

2.1 Source of Information

2.2 Information Collection Methods

2.3 Limitation

2.4 Ethical Issues

3 Accounting and Business Techniques

4 Criticism of Accounting Techniques

5 Performance Analysis

5.1 Business Performance Analysis

5.2 Financial Performance Analysis

6 Conclusions and Recommendations

7 List of References

8 Notes

9 Appendix 1

10 Appendix 2

11 Appendix 3

1. Introduction

One of the most crucial decisions I had to make before starting my Research and Analysis Project (RAP) was to choose a topic that would not only give me enough scope to portray my skills but also it could help me in brushing up on the skills and knowledge I obtained during my ACCA studies. I have always been interested in looking for the connection between financial results of a company and its actual performance in the market. The connection between these two ideally means you can fairly predict what is going to happen in future with the company by looking at the trend those financial figures of the company show. But a very striking factor of the recent downturn in economy was that some of those companies that showed very promising financial results still could not survive through it. Examples of such companies are American International Group, Inc. (AIG), Enron Corporation.

This phenomenon triggered my interest in finding the relation between financial performance indicators and the company’s position in the market. And I had the best opportunity in the shape of RAP to put this to practice....