The Shanghai Wireless Café

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The Shanghai Wireless Café serves as a restaurant as well as a hotspot for wireless users. In order for the café to maintain their competitive advantage, they have to consider how to manage and align all of the teams and information needed for continued success. Information, timing and activities must be in sync, supplies need to be fresh and available; an excellence in customer service needs to be maintained by having sufficient wait staff and providing prompt service. Process integration, business intelligence (BI) and decision software support systems (DSS) can be implemented to increase decision making.

The Shanghai Wireless Café will need to consider the risks and benefits associated with the integration of the legacy systems. Management will understand what necessary improvements should be made to increase their return on investment (ROI). Using data mining, to understand and predict trends that are specific to the industry, including technology habits of upscale restaurants will help to maintain their competitive edge. Supply chain management (SCM) is a tremendous asset for businesses and it usually helps to improve the bottom line. But getting those positive results means overcoming some obstacles to change in order to gain control over the SCM implementation and systems.

Wireless Café Decision Support Systems

Process integration, business intelligence and decision support software systems are key to the continued success of the Shanghai Wireless Café. These systems help to keep the business running. Inventory, employee support, communication and interaction; are all accomplished with the help of these systems. In this paper we will take a look at how systems integration can help to improve the overall health of the business, what risks need to be addressed and the potential problems in the supply chain. Shanghai Wireless Café can improve the business and keep a competitive advantage by using data mining. Data mining can...