Macbeth- Iago's Metaphors

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Iago’s Hate-Filled Metaphors

Our world has long been filled with hatred, resentment, and a willingness to loathe our fellow human beings for no apparent reasons. Othello, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in the early 1600’s follows the tale of Othello and his ensign Iago through racism, love, jealousy, betrayal and hate. Iago, Othello’s trusted standard bearer abhors Othello for no other reason than for a lack of promotion to Othello’s lieutenant, as the reader learns in the opening lines of the play. Iago’s character, as depicted by Shakespeare, lacks an element of ethical or moral responsibility. Iago voices his jealousy of Michael Cassio, Othello’s new lieutenant, takes offense to Othello’s secret marriage to Desdemona, and uses much of his time plotting Othello’s demise. Through a plan of falsehood, fabrication and deception, the reader sees that Iago frequently enlists metaphors to reflect his feelings. By analyzing Iago’s metaphors, the reader comes to see that Iago is a man full of hate, lack of contempt, and expresses his feelings of anger and sheer hate through verbal expressions and proclamations. Iago refuses to stop until he witnesses Othello’s downfall.

Mans’ nature inclines one to derive pleasure from the revenge he sets out to acquire by causing pain and hardship for his fellow. Iago, while speaking to Roderigo in the rise of the decision to awake Desdemona’s father Brabantio, proclaims, “poison his delight,” and refers specifically to Desdemona. Iago’s dishonorable words shed light unto his character; one which is angry, full of hate, and will ensure Othello’s demise by all necessary means. Not only does Iago tells Roderigo to ruin Othello’s marriage with Desdemona, but refers to disturbing Othello while he is making love to his wife. Iago’s choice of words eludes to the fact that he truly believes that to Desdamona, Othello acts as a toxin. Someone whom is not only a second-class match for Desdamona but someone who can hurt her for...