Microsoft Project Working with Calendars Review Questions

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Review Questions

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Answer the following questions (use MS Project help if necessary):

1) Define effort-driven?

Effort-driven scheduling extends or shortens the duration of a task to accommodate changes to resources but doesn't change the total work for the task.

2) Under what circumstances would you turn off effort driven scheduling?

Effort-driven scheduling would be turned off if there is a task that is very complex or requires highly-skilled resources. Another example would be if you're not sure how much work there will be for a task.

3) Use a real-world example of when you would make a task as a Fixed Duration type task?

An example of a fixed duration type task would be driving a truck. If we estimate that to drive a truck from Seattle to Spokane will take about 4 1/2 hours, it does not matter how many drivers we assign to the task, it will still take 4 1/2 hours.

4) What is the formula for calculating duration?

Duration = Work / Units

5) What are the eight preset work contours (hint: In the Task Usage view right click on a resource name an open the assignment information box) and what are the procedures in applying them to a resource on a task?

The eight preset work contours are Flat, Back Loaded, Front Loaded, Double Peak, Early Peak, Late Peak, Bell, and Turtle. The procedures in applying them to a resource are as follows: in Task Usage view, select the task's resource by clicking the resource name. Click the Assignment Information button on the toolbar. On the General tab in the Assignment Information dialog box, click the Work Contour drop arrow, and choose a preset contour.