Dead Man Walking

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"Dead Man Walking!" This sound rings through each and every death row inmate a thousand times a day; but should it? Capital punishment is one of the most controversial topics among people today. Since every person has there own opinion on this topic, either for or against, the question always raised is "Is it morally right."

The problems with capital punishment stem as far back as the ritual itself. The biggest issue that should be observed is that of innocence. Are there really innocent people on death row? And here lies an inherent danger of capital punishment. When we execute an innocent person; the real killer is still on the streets, ready to victimize someone else. The death penalty is irrevocable. In case of mistake, the executed prisoner cannot be given another chance. Justice can miscarry. There have been cases where innocent people have been executed.

The idea of putting another human to death is hard to completely fathom. Capital punishment is a power that no man or woman deserves to make for another human being. Killers kill innocent people, there is no question about that, but does that give us the right to kill these killers? I do not think so.

I believe capital punishment should be abolished because, in ending the life of the convicted person, we become murderers ourselves. There is no evidence to suggest capital punishment reduces the crime rate any more than a harsh prison sentence.

The death penalty violates the right to life, and subjects the prisoner to the ultimate form of cruel, inhumane or degrading punishment, which goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, proclaims each person's right to protection from deprivation of life, and it also states that no one shall be subjected to cruel or degrading punishment. The pre-meditated and cold-blooded killing of prisoners in state custody violates these rights.

The death penalty which violates these rights cannot be...