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Week 5 Assignment

Wayne Rhoads

ETH/125 Cultural Diversity

July 1, 2012

Michelle Mc Clure

Week 5 Assignment

Afro-American Historical Report:

Businesses in today’s environment are required to make sure that their technology stays up – to - date so that they are able to stay competitive in today’s business world. The tools that are being utilized are very important to success in the company’s profitability for the company’s longevity. Communication expenses should be reviewed in order to tell if the benefits are outweighed by the cost involved, or to make sure that the technology being used will not be outdated when it is time to recover the amount that has been met. Dirt bike’s management will need for me to investigate and introduce a secure private network called intranet, and explain how employees of Dirt Bike’s management can benefit from using Internet tools and technology to obtain information and communicating more efficiently. I will recommend various Internet tools to help Dirt Bike’s management save money, and be more productive.

I would recommend that Dirt Bike’s management set up a secure private network so that their employees can connect to the Internet since all the employees are already using computers. This will allow the employees to perform better on different task the job requires more efficiently. Dirt Bike has information that needs to be safe, and an Intranet will help in this by using firewalls. A Firewall is protection software that is installed on computer. After installation blocks are created to keep any outsiders out, and blocks public access to the company’s private information. Firewalls can be easily synced to Dirt Bike’s infrastructure and Internet network, such as a wide area network they are already using. Employees, customers, and suppliers will have increased ability to communicate instantly and more effectively. The benefits of an Intranet for Dirt Bike will be increased productivity, and...