Secrets and Lies Review

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In this essay I would like to argue that in Secrets and Lies, the conflict that exists in the family creates unhappiness and family separation, and is eventually relieved because they realize that truth is the only thing that will make them happily reunited. I believe that in order for a family to have a functional relationship, they must be truthful to each other. I think that allowing the secrets they withheld from each other come out ultimately cures the pain that each character possesses. To begin with, I will explore the conflicting secrets that each character kept from one another and how this affected the disputing relationship the family retained. In my view, the types of families that keep secrets from each other will never truly be united until the truth is revealed. Secondly, I will look at how the exposal of the truth brought the family closer together and relieved the conflict that existed between them. I consider Hortense to be the initial risk taker who is fortunately brave enough to confront the truth with Cynthia. In my opinion, her ability to take initial action and face up to the truth creates a chain of events, which brings out the sincerity in each character. I believe the family becomes closer and happily reunited through honesty and forgiveness.

In this first paragraph I will discuss the secrets that each character kept from one another and how this caused family separation and dispute. I believe the relationship between Cynthia and Roxanne is unhealthy and toxic because of the fact that Cynthia has never told Roxanne about her biological sister and has never revealed the true identity of her birth father. I think that right off the back this creates an untrustworthy relationship between the two of them, which causes them to bicker at each other and never have a civilized conversation together. For me, this is a very real depiction of how hidden secrets can cause a disputing relationship between a mother and a daughter. Mike Leigh has said...