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Self Reflection Paper

As a student of University of Phoenix pursing a MBA, I am required to take

Quantitative Reasoning as a Business Course. I am not really excited about taking this

course because I am not good at math. The description of the course indicates that, upon

completion of the course, I will be able to master the skills applied to economics,

accounting, finance, operations and research. I’m certain that the course will enhance

my analytical skills. After completing this course, I’m sure I’ll be able to apply all the

necessary skills to make decisions as a midlevel manager.

The Overview of the course provides a list of questions that I should be able to

answer at the close of the course. This is a very detailed list of questions that managers

face on a regular on a daily basis. I will use this as a guide of success.

As I previously mentioned, I am not good at math. I feel that this course will help me to

alleviate the anxiety that I have for Math. If I can feel more relaxed and less intimated

by statistical information, it will give me the ability to strengthen and develop my

power of reasoning and logic. I will have the tools that will allow me to make informed

decisions as a midlevel manager.

My work environment is very analytical and concerned with process improvements. I

Will also incorporate skills from QRB with Six Sigma Tools to decrease errors and

maximize quality.